- Individual approach for each publisher. Customize our ad optimization practices to your websites and users.

- Access to the largest advertising exchanges and leading players in the adtech solutions. We keep you up to date on the latest ad tech strategies.

- Programmatic monetization setup and management (Open auction, Private deals, Preferred deals, etc)

- Monetization consulting for ad inventory, placement, size, content & data strategy

Technical outsource

- Support for internal users of your adservers: DFP, AdFox, AdRiver, MoPub, etc.;

- Assistance in the integration of external and internal services in the current advertising solutions: ad mediation and improving ad tags speed;

- Ad banner templates creation;

- Search for problem points and minimize the technical traffic losses;

- Assistance for collecting requirements before development own advertising infrastructure

Content Discovery services & Native Advertising

- Increase in-site depth

- Monetize vertical portals, blogs, classifieds, discussion forums and videos

- Maximize your revenue across Desktop, Mobile, Video and in-app

New channels

- Header bidding for algorithmic inventory sales

- Access to premium advertisers through programmatic deals

- Data. Using 1-st / 3-rd data resource for deals or your direct selling

- Assistance in implementing and monitoring advertising systems and servers

Google DFP/ADX

- Access to the premium version of AdSense: DoubleClick Ad Exchange

- Maximize your revenues by formats, devices, and sales channels, including video inventory and Native formats using Google ADX

- Offer your inventory to global brands and networks through deals. Improve your site appeal for premium buyers and agencies

- Effectively place your direct sales in advertising revenue stack, minimize traffic losses

Video ads

- In-stream (pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll) video;

- Outstream video;

- In-banner video;

- In-page video;

Adtech Digital

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Google DFP/ADX
Video ads
Content Discovery services & Native Advertising
New channels
Technical outsource


Our team of experts know how to utilize the most from your existing ad space and optimize it to improve your ad serving, both in terms of better yielding revenue, ad quality and audience.

We’ve perfected our ad optimization practices, technology and digital marketing experience for over 10 years on such TOP20 RUnet publishers as Gismeteo, Rambler Group, SUP Media, Yandex, CTC Media, IRR, AnyWayAnyDay,