Improving monetization of your website

Google MCM partner
access to premium deals and premium demand sources via our official ADX
Machine Learning revenue optimization
One JS tag quick integration manages multiple demand partners
Revenue grows by 20% or more
Get the highest payouts


Publisher solution

We improve the monetization of your traffic

Only DSPs that are ready to offer the highest bids per your visitor participate in the auction

We increase the efficiency of each advertising space

We audit the advertising place and offer the most profitable options

We show where your monetization revenue is coming from

We provide continuous access to impressions, clicks, and revenue statistics in real-time

Expert Support

Great support when you ask. New strategies and opportunities for long-term success

We optimize connected DSPs

We will connect new vendors to your site, who will more efficiently redeem your traffic

We make payments promptly

We pay within 30 days after the end of the reporting period. We show how the revenue was generated
Core product

Core product —


Predictor is a neural network. For each ad request we determines the vendor who will redeem the ad impression at the highest price

Our own solution
The predictor is based on ML technologies.
To effectively train the predictor, you need traffic from 300,000 unique visitors per month
… and more
Оптимизация показов на каждом рекламном месте
Our JS library is on an external CDN for high download speeds and automatic updates to new versions
Поддержка ключевых платформ управления рекламой: Adfox и Google AdManager
Integration with ad networks via API
Deny list / allow list to block requests by geography, brands or keywords if you need
Technologies: Header Bidding, Waterfall, Open Bidding
Lazy loading methods and asynchronous loading

Collaboration scenarios

We offer di

scenario 1

Monetization is not set up efficiently, revenue is minimal

We connect you to the best vendors

with a single line of JS code

scenario 2

The publisher sells its own inventory, but the traffic remains unpaid

We effectively monetize

this bulk inventory

scenario 3

The site is connected to separate advertising systems

We will select new demand vendors

for you that will buy traffic more efficiently, increasing the efficiency of monetization for each advertising space

Your benefits

We increase your revenue by an average of 20%

this is due to new sources of demand and the effective setup of the auctions between those sources
we will connect you with new sources of demand that are the most suitable for your audience

Outsourced monetization is cheaper than building your own adops team

by choosing us as a vendor, you save on staff costs for development and reduce project risks. Even with a significant scaling of traffic, the costs are more favorable than the risks of doing your own development

We reduce your technical support costs

no need to form a support team with expensive and rare AdOps specialists. We will provide you with our own technical support and ensure the performance of the monetization service

Real time visualizations and dashboard

Transparency and control






The main groupings of metrics:

Статистика в дашборде обновляется один раз в час
by date:
by advertising partners:
impressions and revenue and their share in total revenue
by sites
aggregate grouping of sites and breakdowns for each site separately
by ad units
by geo

Premium demand partners

We are an official Google MCM partner as well as reseller for over 20 of the largest premium ad networks. The list of our partners is constantly expanding. Get access to our premium deals and other premium demand sources.

Список наших партнёров постоянно расширяется. Мы постоянно ищем, анализируем и подключаем новые рекламные системы. Заключите договор с нами и избавьтесь от множества договоров с каждой рекламной сетью по отдельности.

Начнём раньше, чем подпишем договор

The service can be activated

in one day

Prerequisite: signing of an NDA and willingness to sign a commercial contract

There are several options to connect our service:

If you do not have a contract with any advertising systems,

we will sign contracts with the best vendors

If you already have contracts with individual advertising systems,

In order for you to see general statistics in the dashboard, we will need the ad unit IDs and access to the vendors’ APIs to which you are already connected. In this case, the predictor will be trained on a single data stream.

Предиктор, обеспечивающий максимальную выручку, работает в обоих вариантах


Управление рекламой на цифровых экранах (DOOH)

А ещё мы монетизируем цифровые поверхности. Владельцы цифровых экранов могут воспользоваться нашим инструментом и технологиями:

Система управления контентом (CMS) для сети цифровых (LED) экранов (Indoor и Outdoor)
Простая и удобная онлайн панель, с управлением правами пользователей и доступом с различных устройств через сеть интернет
Player с поддержкой Windows, Linux, WebOS, Tizen и Android
Независимо от вашей операционной системе, все плееры могут управлять через единую CMS
Облачное решение
Быстрый и удобный способ начать использовать платформу прямо сейчас
Монетизация свободных показов через Programmatic
Имеет встроенную SSP и поддерживает интеграции с DSP платформами, такими как VDOOH.COM
Система может быть доработана под специфические запросы клиента
Мы также оказываем техническую поддержку и сопровождение


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EN Middle Backend-разработчик

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